Tea with my whole heart. HOUKOUEN
The tea field of sea clouds.



~Ryogochi Green tea~

machine rolled tea

Japanese tea farmer of HOUKOUEN is located in Ryogochi of Shizuoka, and we have tea plantations in elevation of 350 meters also we cultivate, produce and sell Japanese green teas. In front of the highest mountain "Mt.Fuji" and Suruga Bay, our green teas are grown up in steep slope tea fields with covering morning sea clouds. We give perfect green teas from a mountainous, agricultural area filled with natural beauty such as lush greenery and pure streams to the world. We love our fields like my son and make Japanese green teas wholeheartedly.

Our plantation was designated as imperial conceded green teas in 2015.
270, Nunosawa, Shimizu-ward, Shizuoka-city, Shizuoka-pref,
ZIP CODE:424-0415, Japan
Cultivated acreage:3.8ha / Annual production 2tons




Jiro Katahira

Third generation of
Japanese tea farmer "HOUKOUEN"

Jiro Katahira


I was born in 1984 and is called "Jiro"by everybody. I was born as a son of farmer. I grew up surrounded by green teas and cats in the mountains. I'm thankful for having the environment of abundant green, the beautiful mountains, grand view and clear water.

Green teas is as precious as my life. You know of course the teas must be fragrant and have umami, also our teas are beautiful and we want you to feel extreme happiness or elation through a cup of tea.We have dealt with that through trial and error for special green tea.
Jiro, I'm gonna be a NO.1 green tea farmer in the world.
Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Loved words
Loved words

Loved words

Everyday is special and everyday is fun also everyday is perfect score.♪

My cars/FIAT500
My cars/HONDA CB 750F
My cars/DAIHATSU minitruck

My cars

・2012th model year of FIAT500
・1984th model year of HONDA CB750F

Pet cat/Pico
Pet cat/Emo


・Black pussy cat:Pico ♀ 5y/o She has been getting guys' attention lately.
・Grey pussy cat:Emo ♀ 17y/o Nan

My dearest father
My dearest father

My dearest father

My dearest father who reared me as a green tea farmer"Yutaka Katahira" Born in 1953.



270, Nunosawa, Shimizu-ward, Shizuoka-city, Shizuoka-pref, Japan

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When you don't know how to get here, please make a contact and I'll guide you. I only speak and understand Japanese.

If you don't know where , call me.



Product List

We delivery cultivated green teas in natural shape bush formation【Hand picking high-quality green tea~About 20kinds of green tea】.Export performance:EU・New york・Russia. Please enjoy your cup of green tea which I took care with my love. We have green tea like artwork.

The following is an example of selling Japanese tea.
Prices may fluctuate.Tax will be added.


Kabusecha exhabited at the National fair of tea

Kabusecha covered all HOUKOUEN's skills. WOW!

JPY¥5,000 / per 80g



Gyokuro are made by hand picking green tea leaves grown up in natural garden under sheets without a stress.

JPY¥4,000 / per 80g



High quality Kabusecha cultivated under sheets. Short steam manufacturing method and shape is first‐class product.

JPY¥3,000-5,000 / per 45~80g



Traditional short steam green tea. You can enjoy the taste, fragrance and shape because of steam style.

JPY¥1,000-3,000/per 80g

Several green tea

Several green tea

Over 20 kinds of each green teas are everything different! You can enjoy in minor atmosphere.

JPY¥1,700 / per 80g

Black tea

Several Black tea

Sweet black tea is highly regarded in Europe more than Japan.

JPY¥1,200 / per 40g


Several Houjicha

Houjicha of gold color is made by Ichibancha picking green tea leaves roasted.

JPY¥1,000 / pre 40g



The taste and fragrance of the stems picking soft sprout are very special. You can feel nature.

JPY¥1,000 / per 80g

Kabusecha Yabukita picking by hand  A bottle of high-quality green tea 【結|YUI】

Kabusecha"Yabukita" picking by hand A bottle of high-quality green tea 【結|YUI】

180ml/per a bottle JPY¥5,200

This has umami like drinking high quality broth and real celebrity.This has fruity and rich taste, fragrance that, after drinking , comes up from stomach to the nose and refreshing and refined taste.Try the quality intrinsic to Yabukita green teas!This is a bottle of very high-quality green tea.

Mt.Fuji three colors of green teas

Mt.Fuji three colors of green teas

Sencha75g Black tea 30g Houjicha 30g/JPY¥2,800

3kinds of green teas ,"Sencha" "Houjicha""Black tea", cultivated in steep slope tea plantations in elevation of 350 meters seeing sacred mountain Mt.Fuji are wrapped in 3 colors of original handkerchiefs and are made like cute Mt.Fuji.After drinking green teas, you can use as the cool handkerchief. This would make a great gift.

Hand-rolled Kabusecha grown naturally 【手揉|Temomi】

Hand-rolled Kabusecha grown naturally 【手揉|Temomi】

JPY¥15,000/per 80g

The super-first-class tea which is the same leaf as exhabited at the National fair of tea poured HOUKOUEN's technology and made in the way of hand-rolled by an expertThe starting point of tea making is reproduced a fresh tea leaf "Isshinniyo/one-tip two-leaf"after pouring hot water and also tea manufacture is made only a human hand from picking.The technology which produces the artistic shape is a valuable traditional culture in history of Japanese tea. I'd like to try it sometime in a life!
I will deliver it especially only the person such as a tea enthusias who want to try it in a life. Jiro will be an expert one day!





We have informed about HOUKOUEN'S tea plantation update, products progress, events by SNS. Please check it in your break time.






Visit Tour

The HOUKOUEN Tea Plantation Tour

The HOUKOUEN tour of tea plantations with sea clouds
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Japanese Tea party

Every 23rd of November is a day of the HOUKOUEN thankful event"Japanese tea party". Thanksgiving DAY for coming more than 200 people.

Japanese Tea party

It will be held short time:9:30~13:30,once on the half hour, and also it is experience-oriented tea ceremony with chatting about delicious teas. Please come here ,everyone and we will prepare very tasty Japanese green teas.